• Mecate

The mecate is a 22 ft ( 6.7 meters ) line provided with leather ploppers on each side.
The mecate can be tied to a rope halter and is very suitable for freestyle riding.
The rope halter has to be a little wider on the nose to be able to fit a mecate.

You can also tie your mecate to a bosal.

Explanation attaching a mecate to a rope halter can be found here.

A mecate is also available in this web store together with a rope halter and is called a natural hackamore.

  • Suitable for riding and groundwork 
  • Use with rope halter or bosal
  • 14 mm rope
  • 22 feet , 6.70 meters
  • Leather plopper to both ends
  • Washable at 30 ° C

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