6 mm rope

Touw geschikt voor:
  • Rope halters
  • Cross Rope Bridles
  • Field leashes
  • Show leashes
Black Dark grey
White Light grey
Black / White
Dark Blue Cobalt Blue
Blue Petrol
Light Blue  Ice Blue
Tri-color Blue
Dark Blue / Light grey Light Blue / Brown
Bordeaux Red
Orange Yellow
Red / Yellow Yellow / Red
Yellow / Red 2 
Aubergine Purple
Lila Fuchsia
Pink Baby Pink

Pink / Black Multicolor
 Dark Green Moss Green
Emerald Green Mint Green
Apple Green Lime Green
Emerald green / Brown Apple Green / Lime Green  
Dark Brown Brown
Camel Gold
Beige Dark Brown / Beige
Brown / Beige

Do you want to buy rope?
This is possible, please contact us for more information. Either by sending us an email or via the website.