About LoveLance

We are Annemiek and Stephany Bulters, mother and daughter. We started LoveLance in 2004.

Our name originates from the early days of selling rope halters on a Dutch online horse forum. We did this under the account of Stephany with the name lovelance. Quickly our rope halters, "touwhalsters" in Dutch, were known as "touwhalsters from lovelance", later this became LoveLance touwhalsters.

Lance was our first horse. We wanted to make a rope halter for him, but when we went out to buy some rope, we came back with a whole bunch of colors. Friends and acquaintances were quickly provided with a rope halter and we offered the rest on the online horse forum.

After a while we could no longer call it a hobby, and we started a company with our own website.

Our assortment largely exists through creating products for our own animals. This was sparked because we were seeking alternative ways of handling Lance.

Lance was a magnificently sweet horse, but he made it very clear whenever we made mistakes. Thanks to Lance we learned communicating with horses in an honest and clear way.

Rope halters, leadropes, neckropes and other articles were made for Lance and later added to our website. By now Lance is unfortunately no longer with us, he only got to live 17 years.

For well over eight years we got to learn a lot from him and we resume to put this experience to practice with our current horses:
PRE Jabato, Fjord Donar, PRE Ruperta and our shetland ponies Rosie en Jordy.
Because we have large stocks of rope at home, it made sense for us to make our own dogs' leashes. This is how leashes with carabiner, hunting leashes and multi-functional leashes were created for our Husky cross-breeds, the brothers Okami and Dakota.

At the start of 2012 we added a large assortment of dog leashes to this website.

Please feel free to contact us via our contact page.